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Advertise on has several advertising options available to suit the needs of your business.

Sample Page with ad sizes and prices:

How does it work?

Included in the price is the design of your banner.  You may send us photos and logos which we will use to create your ad.  Or you can provide us with an ad of the correct dimensions yourself.  Your ad is linked to your website.  Large size ads are always placed at the top of a page, followed by Small ones.  If there are no Large ads on a page, then the Small sized ads will be placed at the top.

If you would like to sign up for an ad, please email:

Why is the best choice for advertising?

Advertising your business on will give your business exposure to brides and grooms who are actively seeking products and services. Because we allow all Ottawa businesses to have a free link, our directory is the most complete and therefore useful directory for planning a wedding.  We are at the top of most Google, Bing and Yahoo searches for terms such as “ottawa wedding”.  We bring the visitors to the site, and you can make your business stand above the rest with a graphic banner on your choice of pages.

Don’t be fooled . . .

There are other wedding websites in Ottawa that claim to have much higher traffic than they actually do.  This is because they are reporting the traffic for several different cities together as one.  The wording they use is tricky and even false to attain these incorrect numbers.  Be sure to ask them to provide you with reports, and be certain that the reports are for their Ottawa website only.  We will gladly provide these reports for anyone who requests them.

Please contact us to discuss your advertising needs.